Over-the-Counter Drug Purchases with HSA, HRA, MSA, or FSA

Beginning January 1, 2011, most over-the-counter (OTC) drugs will no longer be considered “qualified medical expenses” for Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA), Medical Savings Account (MSA), or health Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA).  That means that in order to buy OTC drugs with the above mentioned non-taxable accounts, you will need to get a doctor’s prescription.  Insulin is an exception to this rule and will still be considered a “qualified medical expense.”

Below is a list of OTC categories that, beginning January 1st, will need a doctor’s prescription to buy with a non-taxable account.

  • Acid Controllers
  • Allergy & Sinus
  • Antibiotic Products
  • Anti-Diarrheals
  • Anti-Gas
  • Anti-Itch & Insect Bite
  • Anti-Parasitic Treatments
  • Baby Rash Ointments/Creams
  • Cold Sore Remedies
  • Cough, Cold, & Flu
  • Digestive Aids
  • Feminine Anti-Fungal/Anti-Itch
  • Hemorrhoidal Preps
  • Laxatives
  • Motion Sickness
  • Pain Relief
  • Respiratory Treatments
  • Sleep Aids & Sedatives
  • Stomach Remedies

The following products can still be purchased using a non-taxable account.

  • Band Aids
  • Birth Control
  • Braces & Supports
  • Catheters
  • Contact Lens Supplies & Solutions
  • Denture Adhesives
  • Diagnostic Tests & Monitors
  • Elastic Bandages & Wraps
  • First Aid Supplies
  • Insulin & Diabetic Supplies
  • Ostomy Products
  • Reading Glasses
  • Wheelchairs, Walkers, & Canes


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