Nondiscrimination Rules Delayed

A couple of weeks ago the IRS issued a notice that the new nondiscrimination rules of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) will not be enforced until further guidance is issued.  This could be quite relieving to many businesses as I think these rules were going to effect more businesses (negatively) then legislators originally thought.  The DOL and HHS have also agreed with the notice from the IRS which indicates they will not pursue any action against businesses not in compliance with the rules.

It is anticipated that compliance with the nondiscrimination rules will not be required until some specified period after guidance is issued.  Most likely it will be upon an insurance plan’s effective date or renewal date after the guidance has been issued.

I will let you try to update this blog once the guidance has been issued.  Until then, breath a sigh of relief if you were struggling trying to comply with the new nondiscrimination rules.


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